A tisket, a tasket, a yarnful basket.


Are these fabulous, i.e., highly interesting, socks or what?

This dad must be one cool dude to wear these socks.

I’m not quite sure I understand how this European shoulder seam works, but I am intrigued.


Anybody need a Halloween costume for their kitteh? or for yourself?

The Great Swatch Experiment: 1. 2. (stay tuned for further developments)

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Living room panorama.

Living room panorama.jpg

Younger Son playing with his phone camera in our Minneapolis house. Percy is actually jumping off the couch.

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Yellow is the color of aspen leaves. And links.


It’s all in the context. Or, in this case, the framing.

James Madison. via martinimade.com

“Best god damn story I ever read.” (click on the small print area at the right to see the story)




Ranty stuff:

Excellent analysis of Trump’s actions. Search for #NarcHandbook

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Cute sadness.

Sock w hole in toe.jpg

Donald Trump as a knitting pattern.

It’s thweater theason!

A little something to knit before the election.

Wouldn’t this be fun to knit?

Stashbuster fair isle socks (or tights)!

The Silly comesround again.

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You may have noticed I haven’t been posting much.

Too many tabs.jpg

This is why.

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Linking through social media

Social media links.png

I want to switch to this dentist.

I love this story of teaching an autistic kid how to swear properly.

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Knitting is better with a cuppa.

wip w coffee mug.jpg

Hover over links below. Some have added stuff.

Knit a light-up crown for Halloween.

Buy that yarn.


Yarn bus in Minneapolis! A video to accompany. The blog of the creator.

A different take on yarnbombing.

Wise words from Franklin.

More truth. Even more.

A sweet doll blanket.

Cabled sweater with not nearly as much cabling as a fisherman knit.

Oh, yeah. The solution: Knot a Problem group on Rav.

Yarn bowls like you have never seen.


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Well-anchored links.

Anchor and chain.jpg

Do  you watch Miss Fisher? Because you should.

One definition of privilege.

Jackdaw… saved!

Hear, hear.

Wisdom. A bit sad but true.

This is not my cat.

Every mom knows this.

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Forecast: knitting ahead.

Stick the cloth.jpg

We all have that one friend

Oh, dear… and O.M.G.

I am not sure the world really needed these.


Good advice.

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Linking up.


Cat purrs.

I Dissent.

What a Trump presidency might look like. (long read)

Ellen nails the woman car.

Watch out for those frogs.

You need to know this word.

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