Blue and gold knits.


Show of hands: who would wear this? or this?

Oh, this is nice.

Shawl shirt.

This is for my quilting friends. See the rest of the entries here.

This is for you other mitered square fans. (She begins here.) (It all began here.)

Yarn chicken. Yep. Today’s episode. Some make it a contestNot just knitters. Sometimes, you win. Sometimes, you lose. You can cheat, but that’s a lot of work.

Duck this.

More fabulous embroidery.


Mr. Roger’s sweaters.

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Gendered links.

gender links

Swimming through wood.

Don’t feel flattered.

Practical fashion.

Runway fight!

I will be just slightly offended by a flamboyant guy with a rattail.

The Avengers Initiative.

Dog walker.

What did they do with the f—g puffins?

Think before you pink.

What Legos do when we aren’t looking.

Damn, I already have too many mugs. via

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Road trip!

Elder Son graduates from his residency program this weekend, so we are off to Sioux Falls. It’s a six-hour trip one way, more or less, so that means…



Yeah, I already have a portable project OTN, but it is a pair of socks I am not terribly excited about. I will finish them later, where “later” = “when I feel like it.” In the meantime, I had vague musings about what would be an appropriate, interesting-but-somewhat-mindless project to bring along.

Just because I have about 15 projects sorted and bagged and ready to go with both yarn and pattern, doesn’t mean I have to PICK one of them.


And just because I have 30 31 projects in my Ravelry queue doesn’t mean I have to pick one of them, either.

No, you I am not the boss of me. Ahem.

Remember this traveling project? Well, after knitting about 6″ of it I happened to glance at the pattern…and noticed that it called for a US#6 needles.

For some reason known only to the Knitting Goddess — who was clearly not on my side — I was using a US#4. After a bit of thought I decided that I would probably be happier if I used the needle called for in the pattern, and into the frog pond it went. (The project, not the pattern. Nor the needle.) (Why I didn’t blog about that frogging on an Unraveled Wednesday is another mystery for the Knitting Goddess. I am definitely no good at following the rules.)

I could have restarted that Madison scarf for this trip, but I was not terribly excited about it. Been there, done that, do it again another time. Why start a project that I am not tripping over myself salivating eager to knit?*

Here is what is going with me, a pattern that has been in my Rav favorites for a l-o-ng time.


I cast on for it yesterday afternoon because the beginning looked impossible complicated like something better attacked in solitude and calm. That was a good decision. After seven rows I can see the pattern developing and have a [somewhat tenuous] grasp of its logic.

The yarn is Sunshine Yarns Soft Sock in ‘Brick NSS’, a lovely, slightly mottled rusty red and which colorway Ravelry tells me that I am the only person on the planet (or at least among the 87 gazillion people on Rav)  to own, is fabulous — soft and smushy, perfect for a scarf. And since, for me, knitting is all about the yarn, that means this project should be a win. It was clear to me after perusing the 2,450 other Herbivores on Ravelry  that this pattern looked best in a solid color, or at least in a more-or-less solid color. Thus, the perfect mating of pattern and yarn.

Road trip and knitting — whee!

* I seem to have used up my quota of italics and parentheses and cross-outs in this post. Still have lots of exclamation points, though…


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Unraveled Wednesday #4.

Joining Kat for Unraveled Wednesdays!

After deciding I had made enough dead baby buntings, I returned to the never-ending afghan knitting.


You may not be able to tell, but it is one two! rows taller than they last time I showed it to you.

As for unraveling, that always happens somewhere in the knitting — a dropped stitch, a forgotten decrease. On a good day I can make two squares, maybe even three. It is getting harder to choose the color for the next non-whitish block because I have to spread the whole thing out on the floor to see what color I haven’t used recently. And it will keep getting harder as it grows; [only] six more rows to go. In the meantime, it keeps my lap and legs warm in our overly-air-conditioned house.

* * * * *

On the reading front, I finished both Lucas Davenport books, Extreme Prey and Golden Prey. Neither was up to the standard of the first 20+ in the series, imnsho. The problem for me is that the protagonist is no longer employed by either the Minneapolis PD or the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension; now he is a US Marshall who travels nationwide and is paired up with different officers. A big part of the attraction of the earlier books, besides the fact that they were set in territory familiar to me, was the cast of secondary characters with whom he had worked for years and who were all endearing in their own peculiar ways. The dialogue among them was pure genius and immensely entertaining, but those characters are no longer around. The criminals in these latest two books were not as interesting, either. Nary an intriguingly psychopathic genius among them, just ordinary criminals and misguided souls resorting to violence. I will probably continue to devour every Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers novel that Sandford writes, but I am not as big a fan as I used to be.

I gave up on the Glasgow Trilogy after The Necessary Death of Louis Winter and the first 50 pages of How a Gunman Says Good-Bye. No real fault of the books; it was just that I have such a tall stack of books from the library and these were not grabbingpearl thief.jpg me. Last night I picked up and discarded bothnorse mythology The Pearl Thief by Elizabeth Wein and Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. The first turned out to be a YA book, and I always find them unsatisfying. I vowed to myself to give it a good try, but at about page 40 the YA nature came through and I was done. (When linking to it above I discovered that it is the prequel to Code Name Verity, which I listened to a year or two ago and enjoyed. Oh, well.) I adore Neil Gaiman, but I do not always enjoy his books; some, like American Gods, are just too obscure/demanding/literary for my escapist brain. Right away I realized that Norse Mythology was gonna be in the “too demanding” category, so into the TBRttL — To Be Returned to the Library — pile it went.

girl in green.jpgNext I started The Girl in Green by Derek Miller. It begins in 1991, shortly after the US has declared a victory in the first Iraq war. The writing is engaging and the characters interesting, so I plan to keep going. My book group meets tonight, and I finished the Kindle lab girledition of Lab Girl earlier last night in preparation. It was wonderful and so much more than I expected. The author and her lab assistant/co-conspirator/pseudo-quasi-brother are two people that made me LOL and appreciate their work and are folks that I would enjoy hanging out with. Smart, irreverent, crazy humorous, and dedicated — all qualities I admire. I highly recommend it. (Besides their off-the-wall repartee and many anecdotes of their field trips, there is a lot of interesting botany.)

Tragically, I did not get to read The Zookeeper’s Wife before it was due back at the library. Will need to request it again. So many books, so little time

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Pink and blue links.

Noro blue and pink.jpg

I have been through this twice in the last week, except that 1, I managed to resist the craft store trip b/c the LYS is 75 miles awaay, and 2, the yarn in already in my stash.

Yarn flowers.

Nine tricks methods to design the color palette for your project.

Girl With A Pearl Earring Long Neck.


Madame Defarge wasn’t the only one. via

The language of needles.

To mothproof your yarn, bury it in a peat bog.

If I didn’t dislike doing embroidery so much, I might consider making one of these.

“There is a fine line between hobby and obsession.”

Giant glowing crochets sea urchins.


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Unknown links.


The internet would be really boring without Russian dashcams.

Sadly, true.

“…unlike a typical house cat that can get stuck up in a tree, the clouded leopard can rotate its paws to climb down head first.

Strange visitors.

“…no-calorie Coke options are not limited to Diet Coke, which tastes like scorched battery acid and regret…”

Oh, look! It’s the three witches from Macbeth!

I’m here for you.

For your viewing pleasure: a baby bat gets the hiccups.


A posture lesson.

New York moments.

Wow. via (again)

Cannibis and racism.

The #1 domino artist in the world. via blackbird

Links from Chris and Chaos.

Beer, wine, and witches.

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My home town.

Interstate 90 runs east and west across southern Minnesota, 10 – 20 miles north of the Iowa line; Amboy is about 20 miles north of it. I lived near (or in) Amboy until I was 14, mainly on the farm that my great-grandfather bought from the man who had homesteaded it. I crossed those railroad tracks every day on the way to and from school and shopped in those buildings that are now arts and crafts stores. Best of all, there is even a LYS there now!

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Unraveled Wednesday #3.


So. I made a hat.

Well, not really a hat.


It really looks like a hat, though, doesn’t it?

So. What it is, exactly?

It’s a stump cover.

M, wife of the guy, D, who does yard word and other miscellaneous chores around here — right now he is in the midst of sanding and priming and repainting our deck railing — is an amputee, having lost her left leg above the knee. When I met M in January she was wearing something like a really ugly support stocking on her stump over her pant leg. When I found out that it served no therapeutic purpose, I remarked that I could knit her something more attractive. She was game, so I did.

Tragically, I have no photographic record of that knitting project because I am lame.

A month or so later D told me that M wanted another one. The result is pictured above. The first one was darker gray with narrow stripes of various colors, inspired by these socks:


I thought since she had liked that first one, I would make this one similar.

Knitting: it’s what I do.


* * * * *

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 10.09.04 PM.pngI finished the first book of the Glasgow trilogy (right) and have started the second. But I may have to set that aside because I recently picked up the latest Lucas Davenport book from the library, and there are 89 holds on it when I return it. No way can I renew that book if I don’t finish it in time. Plus, when I read the first few pages I suspected that I had somehow missed the previous book, so I now have to read that one first. Even though I am a fast reader, especially of a really good mystery (which the Lucas Davenport books always are), I do not want to press my luck.


If you need me, I will be absorbed in these two books, one right after the other.

Edited to add: Kat!

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Misha alerts!

As I was making breakfast in the kitchen this morning, Misha The Formerly Very Shy Dog shot out of the bedroom and raced to the front door, barking her fool head off, as she is wont to do. Of course, Milady followed her to see what the ruckus was all about. Sometimes Misha is announcing that there is someone at the door; more often, the cause is unknown. We speculate that a leaf dropped onto the driveway — the neighbor’s driveway, or perhaps on the other side of the lake.

Misha is an ALERT watchdog.

A few minutes later I glanced out the window and saw the cause of her excitement.


A second photo with a little tweaking reveals this:


Mama Turkey and her two chicks!

I never saw a wild turkey for the first 20 or so years we were here; in the past few weeks I have seen as many as in the last eight. Wild turkeys everywhere! Occasionally a small flock grazing in last year’s cornfield, more often just one thinking of crossing the road. This is the first one I have seen on our property (although Bear (R.I.P.) once tangled with a flock at the end of our driveway (unobserved by me) and carried the scars to prove it).

Here in the Great North Woods, the excitement never stops.

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Monday bonus!


The Yarn documentary is on Netflix!

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