Sprocketing the links.

chain bike sprocket.jpg

Wild turkey behavior explained.

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want.


Iceland FTW!

Even as I donate excess tote bags to Goodwill, I ordered one of these.

How do you carry your keys?

David Bowie and the invisible mask.

Looks like a good way to burn your fingers.

White people.

And… the best use of technology by a slacker goes to…

I have always felt this way about the US map. (Hover over the cartoon.)


* Have any of you picked up on why some lines are green? Sing out in the comments, please.

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FFotD, etc.


This foliage photo (local telco office) is unrelated to the following post.

It has become a tradition for us to spend a few days on the North Shore every year in mid-October to celebrate our wedding anniversary. (43 years!) And thus, again this year. we spent a few blissful and restful days in a log cabin.


Smokey brought along a jigsaw puzzle.


Never let it be said that I will boycott a puzzle just because it is not an image I might have chosen.

We stayed at Lamb’s Resort in one of the original cabins, probably from the 1920s.


Find the dogs in the photo. They were helping me read on the porch.

I had forgotten my insulated coffee tumbler at home and lamented to Smokey that I would have to drink my coffee from a glass.

IMG_0960 2.jpg

“There are no cups here!” I whined. I had the best laugh of the year when he pointed out that there were, in fact, plenty of cups available.


Weather was beautiful for two of the three days we were there.

This is a tradition I can really get behind. Until next year….

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Unraveled (for realz).

Joining Kat and friends.

I had a couple handknits that I had made but which I never, or almost never, wore. Awhile back it occurred to me that I could frog them and reclaim the yarn.

Here is their story. No names have been changed.


First, this cowl. Notice how long and skinny it is. Pattern is the Willow Cowl on Ravelry, and my mods to make it a bit narrower… were overdone.

I bought this yarn from a blogger I used to follow. It was a special colorway being sold as a fundraiser for an equine rescue organization. Being on the board of my local humane society at the time AND a knitter, how could I not buy a skein? Unfortunately I forgot that I have absolutely nothing in my wardrobe that this yarn would match nor even complement. I have never worn this cowl.


It begins.


The cowl had a picot edge with a knitted hem. It was too frickin’ hard to unravel, so out came the scissors.


Hem… gone.


Really, really… gone.


It continues.

I started by winding the unraveled yarn into a center-pull ball, planning to skein it once the cowl was fully unraveled. But the process was proceeding so smoothly that I decided to skip the ball-winding step.

Apparently my iPhone camera cannot adjust its focus on the fly.


The ramen stage always makes me giggle.

Since I was already doing laundry, and the next load was going to be hand-knit socks, I decided to take the lazy way out. I put the skeined yarn into a mesh bag, zipped it closed, and threw it into the washer — short & delicate cycle, cold water.


It looks like a tangled mess, but the ties saved it. If I had it to do over, however, I would have tied it in more than two places.

* * * * *

The second item was a scarf I made for Younger Son’s former fiancée. When they broke up she returned several of the gifts I had given her, including this scarf. I have worn it a few times with a white t-shirt and a black cardigan, but yellow is not a particularly good color on me.



Early days.

As I struggled to unravel the scarf, I kept thinking about former fiancee. She returned my gifts! She [presumably] hurt my son! Grrr!


I had less and less patience with the scarf. Lots of repressed anger seemed to emerge. I probably harvested only about 3/4 of the original skein.


More yarn ramen.


Good riddance!


Hanging to dry.

Still not sure what I will do with the yarns. Donate? Gift?  Double-strand with some other color to make it more useful? Stay tuned…

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Links to warm up the hands.


Dual-purpose knitting needles.

Good news! via knittyblog.com

Art on your hands.

Someone else believes in framing the squares.

We do what we need to do.

Let’s make some potholders!

“Um, did you block a flatworm?”

This may be the cutest baby sweater ever.

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The cowl sisters!

Cowl sisters.jpg

Smokey and I had brunch with CathyCate and her husband, Mike, today. They spent the weekend in our area to canoe the river, admire the fall colors, and attend a local fiber festival. As requested, she brought along her yarny purchases from said festival — lovely stuff! (Weirdly, I recognized the handwriting on one of the tags as being remarkably similar to that on the tag of a skein of handspun I bought at another local knitting event last year. Probably not so weird, really; it’s all local yarn.) We discussed, among many other things, knitting injuries; she has suffered tennis elbow from knitting, and both she and Mike — a guitarist — have suffered from pain in the hands. Knitting really is a sport, y’know? We get injured just like pro athletes. (Aaron Rogers, the Packers quarterback, got a broken collarbone in the game against the Vikes today. Same thing, right?)

We had met up once before and I had run into her at Vogue Knitting in Minneapolis last year. ‘Twas good to chat over a yummy meal again! Let me know the next time you are in the ‘hood, Cate!

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Autumn links.

autumn link.jpg

Autumn quotes.

Floaty friend cabbages, aka buoyant cabbages of love.

The new health care plan!


This 15-yo girl is my hero.

My words, among others, are supercomputer, pinwale, doublethink, and cerveza  (and Cobb salad).

How to have a happy marriage.

Media tests beyond the Bechdel one.

Raccoon math.

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Button box FTW!

But first, the Foliage Foto of the Day.


Observed on the way to the second reunion. Rose hips!


The circled area is


…this dude’s butt. Or maybe the back of his boots. Hard to say, really.


I recently discovered — as I was getting dressed for the first of the recent reunions — that my chosen shirt was missing a button right at bust level. Since we were away from home and I had not brought extra clothes, I kinda had to go with it. Happily, the shirt is quite generous so there was no gappage.


Last week I dumped out The Button Box to see if I had seven matching buttons in the right size and appropriate color.


No luck with black buttons, but all was not lost.


Score! The buttons are all gray, not gold-brownish as they look here, and I put the non-pearly ones at the bottom of the blouse so the discrepancy in pearliness was not noticeable.

I checked the inside of the side seams of the blouse before starting this project, hoping that the makers had included the usual extra button. Nope.

As I was sewing on the last button — the one at the bottom of the placket — guess what I discovered. Yup, an extra button. What yahoo puts the extra button in a non-standard place?

and there you have my latest rant about something so minuscule no one else cares.

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People in my travels. And stuff.

So what about all those trips you took in August and September, Kat™? Are you ever going to tell us about those, huh?

Here it is in picture format. This of this as the National Geographic version of my travels, minus the gorgeous landscapes and bare-breasted natives.


I think I already showed you this one with Carole and Dale.


Me and Adrienne Martini — blogger, knitter, and author extraordinaire..


Camnesia struck in Ithaca with gayle, but when I was looking at the photos for this post I noticed that I had captured her in the mirror at far left. Hi, gayle!

IMG_0768 2.jpg

Me ‘n’ Becky in Wayneburg after gorging ourselves — not really, we were both quite sane about it — on barbecue.


It wouldn’t be a proper photo of Kym and me without wine, would it?

I have kicked myself any number of times since returning home because I didn’t get a photo of Kat and me. We had a great time over infamous Pittsburgh-style pastrami sandwiches — cole slaw and fries inside the sandwich. I never knew what a great eating town Pittsburgh is.

On the trip east, Smokey had made all our motel reservations, but I never got quite organized enough to give him dates and cities for the knitblogger portion of the trip. I did not do nearly as well when I made my own reservations. I forget which city this was — maybe Pittsburg? maybe Ithaca? — but while my room was quite comfortable, the motel had clearly seen better days.

At the legendary Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca.


This might be the same motel featured above. The gentleman in the blue shirt was perusing and tweaking the security cam footage the entire time I was checking in. He was watching it as though it were an Academy Award-winning movie. When I sneaked this photo, the guy in the yellow striped shirt heard the click of my camera and said, “Did you just take a picture?” I lied and said no, that it was a game on my phone. Kinnear failure. Deceitful Kat™.


I don’t remember which city this gorgeous planter was in, but I took the photo because it was outside a McDonalds — not usually the place one expects to find horticultural excellent.



Okay, that’s enough from the east coast trip. On to the subsequent regional trips.


50th reunion of the class I went to school with until 9th grade. It was a graduating class of 27 in 1967; 21 graduates came to the reunion, plus three that, like me, had moved before graduation. It was delightful to see them all again after so many years. I hope to get together with several of the women at one of their semi-regular coffee klatches.


Two weeks later, the 50th reunion of my actual graduation class.

IMG_0901 2.JPG

Photo collage of the informal Friday night gathering. 


From above. That’s my best friend from h.s. and I. We are both named Kathy (although her parents made the tragic error of naming her Kathleen instead of Kathryn), our birthdays are one day apart, and we share the same cynical attitude about everything. Although she tries to appear gruff, she is the one of the kindest and most generous people on the planet. Hi, Kathy! I think you didn’t want your picture taken. Please forgive me for posting it on the internet in front of everyone. (You can hit me later.)

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Graded yarn.


Um, nope.

Um, yes!

On losing a sewing needle.


Like we were hunting unicorns instead of roadside weeds. via fringeassociation.com

New knitting group. Related.

A new technique.

It is good to have a helper.

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FFotD and In honor of my friend Debra’s retirement.


My internet friend Debra, who invited me to join her in southern IL for the total eclipse, retired on Friday. While posting a Happy retirement! message to her on Facebook, I found a number of funnies she had posted over the past few months. Thanks for the smiles, Deb! (not to mention the eclipse)

dusted once.jpgstab ides.jpg



interesting job.jpg



And this one, found elsewhere, which I suspect is how she feels since Friday

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