Knitting all over the world.

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Hatz; or, How To Use Up Your Stash.

All I could think was, Perfect sweater for a 7-month pregnant woman.

Love this cable dragon. This, not so much.

Hemstitching gone wild.

omg, no. Still no.

Paws and carrots.

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Link up, people!

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What time is it?

Calm Coca-Cola.

Bird scouts.

Feline olympics.

I couldn’t stop laughing. (Probably NSFW.)

How sunflowers do it.

When in Rome, etc.

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TbT: back about 1996 or so…


That’s younger son second from right. Dark-haired guy got married a couple weeks ago.

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County fair!

Our county fair was a couple weekends ago. Perfect weather, hot but not ungodly so, low humidity, no rain (except when we were setting up, but we were inside the 20’x20′ tent so the rain didn’t bother much). I worked the 10am – noon shift every day. Many years at the fair have taught me that early in the day is rather less warm than later, and I do NOT like heat.


This guy was walking around one day. One could buy on a feather from those in the cup for $3. (I passed.) 



What a gorgeous bird!



Birds everywhere!



One of the mainstays of the fair, a food stand that everyone goes to, if not for lunch, then for their pie.



Their pies are legendary. Well, legendary among fairgoers in Polk County, WI.



French silk. It was not dissimilar to a semisoft Hershey bar topped with real whipped cream.



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Knittity linkity.

Noro and knitted fabric.jpg

Baby Yoda.

We have all had something like this happen.

We have all felt it.

This seems like pure genius. Have any of you done it?

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Parades! A pictorial essay.

Once again, it is an election year, and election year means Parades! There were four in June, five in July, and zero in August. Go figger

There is always a lot of standing around before the parade…

…which gave me plenty of time to meet our fellow marchers.


Tractors are always popular.

What you may not realize about this unit is that the center little trailer had a functioning generator that ran a pump that pumped water into the sink in the third trailer.


Why? Who knows? Why not?





This is the car I drove for my candidate, a 1959 Chevy Biscayne in mint original condition (although I did have to remember not to put it into Park while the engine was running, and to put it into Neutral unless we were actually moving, and keep an eye on the temperature gauge).

The walkers who distributed campaign stickers to kids along the parade route always told them, “Watch for this car!”  (campaign stickers had an image of the car). When the car would appear the kids would go wild!

This was my usual view as I drove. My primary directive was Don’t run over any kids! because the kids loved to run into the street to grab the candy thrown by walkers and riders.


But sometime my view was rather more interesting.

Of course, there were other candidates in the parades…


…but who let these guys in? This is Packer country!

The high point of the summer was the Fourth of July weekend, with three parades in two days.

IMG_2646 (1).jpg

I persuaded my car-loving husband to drive the campaign car in one of those parades.


A fairly pleasant place to wait in the line up.


Anyone remember this?

The most fun of all for me was the parade in Siren on the actual Fourth, probably because it seemed to have the biggest crowds. Everyone was in such a festive mood!

Sometimes festive overflowed into weird, but that’s okay — everyone was happy!


Not sure if she was walking her lizard in the parade or just showing it the sights.

Red. white, and blue was the order of the day.


Even this kitten has a spray of red.


Got an airplane? Fold the wings and put it in the parade!

There were tired-looking bands and not-quite-in-sync flag wavers, but this was before the official start so it was fine.


Not all the spectators were curbside.


Law and order, always.





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Links light the way.

Lamps on chains.jpg

A most excellent Twitter exchange.

The new logo.

Fibonacci as you have never imagined it.

Voldemort asking about Horcruxes. Here is what started it.


Olympic symbols.

Only big-busted women understand.

The Olympics as you have never seen it on TV.

Behind the scenes at the Apple store.

“hey ladies…check out my bird” 

If I could learn to empathize with and accept unconditionally characters in a comic book, then I could learn to do the same for people in the real world too.

This one is for all my librarian friends; also for my one friend who was a geology major.

Fairy tales and nutrition.

Links from Chris.

Its a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

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Lazy day!

How frickin’ perfect* is it that National Lazy Day falls on my birthday?! And that it happens every frickin’ year?!

My plans for the rest of the day are knitting and watching The Code on Netflix this afternoon, then going out for dinner at Indianhead.

Yes, it is an exciting life here for The Kat™.

natl lazy day.jpg


  • I know that “perfect” is one of those adjectives, like “unique”, that should not be modified. I contend that “frickin'” is not a modifier; it is just a word that I like to use when I don’t want to offend.
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Summer is for knitting dishcloths.

3 balls of sugar n cream.jpg

Do you read Lola?

Intrigued by this.

Also this.

Uh-oh. Becoming obsessed with crochet.

Um, no.. Don’t think so. Still nope. Oh, good grief. Are you frickin’ kidding me? So now the guys have to get in on the redunkulus, too?

Portraits of our ovine and caprine friends.

Oh, yeah.

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Harboring the links.

Chain in front of masts

SCOTUS bans domestic abusers from owning guns.


Hints from Heloise Jillian.

The five biggest companies in the US.

Let’s play “find the cat”, m’kay? Answer here.

Duct tape FTW!

Anyone who ever has a drink somewhere other than at home will want one of these.

Historical photos you may have not seen before.

Babe toppled!

Links from Chris.

Getting older.


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