Linking rust and moss.

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Disruption is not created equally.

“People talk about the US as a Christian nation, but a better description would be a white Protestant nation that often made life uncomfortable for other groups.”

And now for something pleasant: winning astronomy photographs.

Some excellent tips for writing dialogue.

Apparently skunks like yogurt.

How to understand millennials.

Good advice.

Let’s talk look at chocolate.

“…because vampires have to be invited in.”

I love math jokes, probably because there are so few of them.

The first strike in space.

This is for the attorneys out there.

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Arrrgg, mateys!

Yarnbombing like a pirate.

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Blue. Yarn.


For those of you still working.

On my shoulder.

Not sure which is worse, the sweater or the harsh lighting.

A beautiful knitting journal.

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More nervy links.

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The hammered dulcimer makes beautiful music.

I did a double-take.

Everybody likes bubbles.

On sending children back to school. via

The Waffle House index. ditto

An economic argument for later school start times for teenagers.

Memories of 9/11.

Links from Chris.

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Foliage photo of the day & art.


The occasional pop of color is made even more vivid by the surrounding greens.

On my way west out of Massachusetts I stopped in North Adams at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art to see an exhibit I had glimpsed on Instagram.


The image above, left, was an exhibit. The image above right was a temporary structure to protect museum-goers from construction debris. The irony, it burns.

There was an exhibit of wall paintings. I want to make a sweater [someday] using the color scheme on the right. Red is my favorite color.

And now, the exhibit I came for.


Here are the beaded hangings barely visible at the far end of the room in the previous video:

It was magical. Yes, the occasional dangling thingy had the silhouette of a gun. Why, you ask? Ask the artist, I say.


Even the outside of the museum was interesting. There were several of these upside-down trees.



I felt right at home in Massachusetts.

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Foliage photo of the day, etc.


Autumn comes gradually but inevitably.

Some of the highlights of the trips were completely unexpected, like this bathroom faucet that did tricks.


There was a blue dot that is not visible here.

The blue dot where the stream of water hit the sink caught my interest. WTF?

IMG_0676 w arrow.jpg


* * * * *

My copy of A Stash of One’s Own, Clara Parkes’ latest book, arrived at my door on Tuesday. What fun!

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New feature: foliage photo of the day. And an update.


These oak leaves along our road struck me as weird. (Although I seem to remember seeing a few leaves turn color in that same way every year.)

The odometer on my car reads 5,600 miles more than it did four weeks ago, and I drove over 5,000 of those miles myself.

How did that happen, you ask?

  1. Round trip to Makanda IL to view the eclipse.
  2. Two round trips nearly to Wausau.
  3. Drive QGD1 to school in Boston.
  4. Visit knitbloggers in Massachusetts (Hi, Carole! Hi, Dale!!), New York state (Hi, Adrienne and Gayle!), Pennsylvania (Hi, Becky and Kat!), and Michigan (Hi, Kym!)
  5. Visit Smokey’s brother in Illinois on the way home (Hi, Bob!)
    [spend 40 hours at home]
  6. Attend the 50th reunion of the class with whom I attended grades K-9 (hi, Barb, Karen, Carol, Janet, Mary, Les, Darwin, Jeff, James, Dean, et al!).

And just because I love to drive* there will be two more round trips to Wausau later this week and another 50th reunion, this time in northern MN with my actual h.s. graduation class. All of this has been great fun (see the parenthetical greetings above) and has given me much blog fodder, not to mention fun.

Did I mention that the past month has been a lot of fun?

Okay, from the beginning.  (This is going to take multiple posts. Please bear with me.)


QGD1 and I stayed a motel and ate dinner in an apparent ghost town somewhere near Erie PA. There were more abandoned businesses than open ones. This is the motel restaurant at 6:30 pm.


Dinner at a Massachusetts McDonald’s the night before I dropped off QGD1. Pro tip: if you are looking for a good lobster roll, McDonald’s may not be your best choice. I had a better one at our county fair a couple years ago. Still, lobster.

Camnesia was in evidence on the voyage east. Those were the only photos from the eastward section of the trip. I did a bit better as the trip went on.


Dinner with Carole and Dale. Guess what? They are as much fun as she is on her blog!

* I do like to drive, but this month was a bit more than perhaps even I like.

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It looks better when felted.



More mittens!

Yarnbombedgraffitied photos.

Lace art.

A new knitting zine.

Transformers Little Red Riding Hood.

Knitted book cover.

I want this, but my brioche skills are not there yet.

Yeah, that color combo grabs me every time.



Back to school.

It’s hexapuff heaven!

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Dandelion fluff in your eye (or a nerve network. Take your pick.)


White House moron.

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Okay, I do have a few Saturday links.

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Bookstore to get lost in.

“When you have hiked nine miles…”

Employee shaming.

Crafting explained.

“I love you, Eloise.”

Every book in the History of Literature summed up in a single sentence 

But why are the shadows blue?

The Aisle of Death.

Can you stand another eclipse photo?

Money tweets.

Remember Google’s original slogan? Apparently they have forgotten.

But sometimes, people give me hope.

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