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And now, for something completely different.

All found on the Facebook timeline of Sandy and Richard Ricardi.

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Yarn, yarn everywhere.

She calls it Beeswax Scarf, but I call it Tumbling Dice. The Marley Blanket, a stashbuster to end all stashbusters.

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Fractally linking.

Reblog to save a thigh. This could be fun. Automation. Oh, those microwaves. How to deal with an infestation of kittens. Norway FTW!

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This week’s knitting.*

Yarns: Zwerger Garn Opal Schafpate ‘8903 Silberdistel‘ and Kollage Yarns Sock-a-licious 7803. Needles: US#2-1/2  (foot and ankle) and US#4 (leg). Pattern: Wendy’s Generic Toe-Up Sock. Note that the legs are done in 1×1 ribbing. That is slower to knit, but … Continue reading

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To the frog pond, part 2.

While I found myself in a frogging mood, I unraveled another thing that had been a WIP since at least November 2014. It is a little hard to tell from the photo, but the edge of the shawl was w-a-y … Continue reading

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Dyeing to knit.

“Kuhn said that knitting has also been found to be relaxing, which might do double-duty: teaching math concepts while simultaneously easing math anxiety.” via Knit a pie lattice for Pi Day! Another tag for your handknit gifts. The knit life … Continue reading

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Roots and wings.

Elder Son will finish his residency in family medicine in June. Last weekend he was flown to New Mexico to interview for 3-4 days at the Indian Health Service medical facility on the Zuni reservation there. His best friend from med … Continue reading

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Friendly links.

Bats make good bookkeepers. Who knew? Our dogs when Smokey opens the treat can. Pure gold. Updated candy slogans. Dictator chic. via Humans are adorable. Emperor Trumpatine. So true.

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More knitting.

For the past couple years I have knitted something to contribute to an annual silent auction in May. 2015:   2016:   2017: Since this fundraiser is supports progressive causes, I think I will knit a couple pussyhats, too.

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Things that make me say, “Hmm…”

How do yarn shops, awash in scores of skeins of wool yarn, deal with moths? (Asking for a friend.) * * * * * We have all seen the hexipuff blankets bouncing around the interwebz. Whenever I see someone making the … Continue reading

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