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Rusted busted links.

Bamboo. Shooting back. “…if you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu…” via martinimadecom For those of you who ride public transit. Macron rocks! Perhaps the only good use for vaping. Best video ever. Lots of links from Chris.

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TBT: Turtle love.

I captured this video in June 2007 and posted it on the blog then, but the original YouTube video disappeared when Google[?] bought YouTube and redid all the accounts. But it is back again, in all its snapping turtle, sex-in-the-water … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday #7.

I finished listening to Exit West by Mohsin Hamid on the drive to Sioux Falls last week. What a good book it was. It took the story of two young people who chose to emigrate from a suspiciously Middle Eastern-flavored-but-unnamed … Continue reading

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Monday questions answered on Tuesday.

*Have you ever changed up a S’more? Nope. The originals are still the greatest. *What yarn is on your needles?  (That you will work on today?) Various worsteds in my scrap afghan — Wool of the Andes, Cascade 220, Blue … Continue reading

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Here is the broken link from last week’s knitting links. About sheep. Cool yarn. All I need… This is gorgeous. So is this. You have all seen the hat. Here are the potholders. TV-inspired yarn colorways: Fire & Blood. Orange in … Continue reading

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Chain me up and link me together.

Appropriate response. “First, pick a lot of [basil] leaves and whizz them into a paste with oil and garlic. Spread this on a piece of toast. Stand in the garden eating this menacingly. This will get the basil’s attention and … Continue reading

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Monday questions answered on Friday.

Kathy asks questions every Monday. This week I decided to answer. * What kind of crops do you see in your state? Corn and soybeans, soybeans and corn. *This has been a question before, but it is a good one: … Continue reading

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Last of the mouslings/ratlings (we hopes).

Shortly after this the little bugger was tossed into the yard, where it presumably assumed its proper place in the Great Circle Of Life., e.g., being lunch for some larger critter. We set a couple mousetraps in prominent locations before … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday #6.

The afghan has left the Kingdom of Squareness and entered the Empire of True Rectangularity. Unhappily, this transition has also caused the laws of physics and mathematics and knitting to no longer apply. Allow me to explain. Every mitered square … Continue reading

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These are so good they deserve their own post.

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