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This ‘n’ that on a Sunday.

It’s county fair time! * * * * * In other news, I am trying to decide if the afghan needs to be longer how much longer the afghan needs to be. * * * * * In other knitting news, … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday #6.

The afghan has left the Kingdom of Squareness and entered the Empire of True Rectangularity. Unhappily, this transition has also caused the laws of physics and mathematics and knitting to no longer apply. Allow me to explain. Every mitered square … Continue reading

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Stuff in bullet form.

We are making an unscheduled road trip to Sioux Falls to deliver my 1998 Volvo to Elder Son and GF. This should make his move more pleasant. 2 adults + 12-yo girl + 120-pound dog + cat + luggage in … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday #5.

I haven’t frogged an entire project for a few months, but that doesn’t mean there has not been frogging. The patchwork afghan grows steadily, but even simple garter stitch defeats me occasionally. As EZ pointed out long ago, ripping out … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday #4.

Joining Kat for Unraveled Wednesdays! After deciding I had made enough dead baby buntings, I returned to the never-ending afghan knitting. As for unraveling, that always happens somewhere in the knitting — a dropped stitch, a forgotten decrease. On a … Continue reading

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Things that make me say, “Hmm…”

How do yarn shops, awash in scores of skeins of wool yarn, deal with moths? (Asking for a friend.) * * * * * We have all seen the hexipuff blankets bouncing around the interwebz. Whenever I see someone making the … Continue reading

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Knitting on a Sunday.

Remember this afghan? No? Here are some photos to remind you. When I put this down last April it was nine squares wide and four squares long. I have been working on it for a couple weeks, and it is … Continue reading

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omg, it’s blogversary time!

Ten years ago I posted my first post. Well, actually, it was nine years and 364 days, give or take. Since then I have, as many bloggers have said before me, formed many new friendships, read many new-to-me points of view, … Continue reading

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What I have been doing when I should have been working on UFOs.

“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille…” Yes, I have been knitting dishcloths when I should have been working on UFOs. Should, schmould, whatever.  I wanted to be able to grab a clean dishcloth every day during the summer when … Continue reading

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Knitting on Friday.

Because I already had nine (9!) ten (10!) projects OTN, I decided I needed to start another afghan. Mitered squares, worsted weight, every other one white/off-white, use up odds and ends of other colors in the other squares. I think it … Continue reading

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