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Elder Son recommended an Icelandic group that he thought I might like.

He was right, but not for the reason he thought. See the lopapeysa in its natural habitat!

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Roots and wings.

Elder Son will finish his residency in family medicine in June. Last weekend he was flown to New Mexico to interview for 3-4 days at the Indian Health Service medical facility on the Zuni reservation there. His best friend from med … Continue reading

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So, there I was, browsing Twitter in the wee hours…

… and I came upon this tweet… …and nearly screamed and woke up Smokey. That is an unattributed photo of a protest in New York City in September, 2004, during the Republican National Convention. See that bearded fellow in the … Continue reading

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and recycled Halloween costumes. He was never much interested in sports, but he ran cross-country in high school and was an enthusiastic swimmer all summer.     He has never been afraid to share his anti-war sentiments. Clockwise from top … Continue reading

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Let’s do some bullets.

Younger Son was scheduled to be on a two-week business trip to Italy over Thanksgiving, so we decided to go to Sioux Falls to see Elder Son for the holiday. YS’s trip was postponed, so he went with us. Fun … Continue reading

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Elder Son gave a presentation. This was his slide of references.

  He DID have a slide with the real references after it. He said that initially there was  silence in the room until people got it, then lots of laughter.

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TBT: May, 2014.

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“You’re both crazy.”

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Finally on a Friday.

Let’s do bullet points, m’kay? My computer that died two weeks ago came back to life. Sort of. Last Sunday it was turned on — don’t ask me why it was on, cuz I have no idea — but the … Continue reading

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Breaking radio silence.

I had to put this out there. Elder Son called earlier this week to invite to Sioux Falls because he had bought tickets and was taking us to see  SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY! That is all.

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