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Foliage photo of the day & art.

On my way west out of Massachusetts I stopped in North Adams at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art to see an exhibit I had glimpsed on Instagram. The image above, left, was an exhibit. The image above right was … Continue reading

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Foliage photo of the day, etc.

Some of the highlights of the trips were completely unexpected, like this bathroom faucet that did tricks. The blue dot where the stream of water hit the sink caught my interest. WTF? * * * * * My copy of … Continue reading

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Winter Autumn is coming.

Seen this week.  Autumn begins early up here in the Great Frozen North.

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Spring! (con’t)

¬†The crocus planting continues today. We got only about half of them into the ground yesterday. If we finish the croci, there will be daffs, too — 100 mixed bulbs to naturalize between the little patch of them in the … Continue reading

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Molly The Teenage Helper is planting crocus for me! 100 soft blue-lavender mixed with 25 mixed colors. I can’t wait for spring!

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Fall is coming late this year.

Not weatherwise — we are pretty much on schedule with the cooler temps, rainy days, etc. But the leaves are largely still green over most of the state.

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Things I have seen. And heard.

I am always annoyed when someone says (or posts) “These things happen for a reason.” Smokey recently explained that my annoyance stemmed from never having heard the second part of the saying: “The reason is because you are stupid and … Continue reading

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On any given Sunday.

dead :: ringer bangs :: hair future :: imperfect holistic :: medicine circumstance :: beyond our control past :: future fan :: girl happened :: one night room :: -ful awful :: -ness * * * * * Last week … Continue reading

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On any given Sunday…

First, the weekly mutterings. Teacher :: mother. (My mom was a first-grade teacher. She eased into retirement by switching to kindergarten for the last few years.) Activity :: after-school. Scared :: shitless. Suction :: blood. (This association is no doubt … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the September edition.

Ten Things I Love About September. The end of one of the hottest summers on record. Cooler weather means not being confined to short and t-shirts. I can pull out some long-sleeved things and I can layer things. That is … Continue reading

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