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This ‘n’ that on a Sunday.

It’s county fair time! * * * * * In other news, I am trying to decide if the afghan needs to be longer how much longer the afghan needs to be. * * * * * In other knitting news, … Continue reading

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TBT: blogversary!

It was precisely nine years and five days ago when I published my first blog post. That was over at TypePad. I had tried out Blogger (or whatever it was called back then) and LiveJournal and WordPress and maybe even MySpace … Continue reading

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Signs in my friend’s bathroom.


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I drove >100 miles for lunch today.*

    Picked up a friend for lunch. She asked if I was up for A Drive, which of course I was, so we went to a fabulous Thai restaurant in White Bear Lake, MN, 53.5 miles from my house. … Continue reading

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Two-fer Thursday!

Friday, tomorrow, is the last day to nominate someone for Knitter's Hunk or Knitter's Chick! Here is the place to go. The rules are here. This contest is one of my favorites, even though I never know half the nominees. … Continue reading

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A real road trip to meet imaginary friends.

I decided earlier this year that I wanted to meet a couple imaginary friends. I have been reading each of their blogs — two bloggers, one blog each — for several years, and they have been reading and commenting here … Continue reading

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I’ve got a ga–, er, a friend in Kalamazoo!

So. We are on a graduation road trip, which happened to pass by Kalamazoo. You remember Kalamazoo, right? Home of The Fabulous Kym?!?! I spent Saturday with Kym — yummy lunch at a fabulous place whose name escapes me at … Continue reading

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We got 10.5" (26.5cm) of snow last night and today. (Bah, humbug.) Two of my knitterly friends and I were going to meet a fourth knitterly friend to visit a yarn store, have lunch, and have friend #4 teach us … Continue reading

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Success is wearing a handknit.

I recently got this photo of The Hat in the wild from Elder Son's friend Alí. Looks like Ann Arbor weather was giving it a good workout that day!    Looking back through the blog, I cannot find that I … Continue reading

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It’s a Sunday in January and it is snowing. So, what’s new with you?

Vex :: Hex. Ghost :: Spirit.  Detail :: Devil is in them. Furthers :: No, farther. Foxy :: Vixen. Hybrid :: Prius. Maximum :: Prime. Wonderful :: Wonderful. Munch :: SVU. Organize :: I really should… * * * * … Continue reading

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