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It’s a cable.

Your cat needs one of these. Need a pincushion?   * * * * * This is the link I omitted on Saturday: You have barked up the wrong bitch.

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Knitting cotton.

Knitting hot tips for knitters like me who use circs for everything. All of the tips. Are you part of the #yarnlovechallenge on Instagram? lv2knit, this one’s for you! Milliners to the Resistance!

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Joy is a WIP.

The cutest tea cozy EVAH! Vanna talks yarn. Sonia Sotomayor flies coach like the rest of us peons, but she doesn’t knit or crochet  😞  

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A bridge to crafting freedom.

For the introverted activists among us. Pussyhats. Afghan Maddie. An old knitting proverb. Be the grandma you want to see. Bunnies are adorable. Resistance is NOT futile. NaKniCroMo! Ahem.

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Yarn is to snuggle.

This is one hella interesting hat. Not knitting, but kinda sorta related, since we all deal with color.

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No moths allowed.

Halloween is not for nearly ten months; that’s plenty of time to knit one or more of these. Knitters’ full moon! Oh, the cute… Knitting for black social justice. …or wine. He knits.

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Knitting your purpleness (with apologies to Prince, the real purpleness).

Cool ball of yarn. How to knit a perfect edge. Knitting dangerously. Depilling. Perhaps the permanent winner of the yarn chicken contest. Need a new pair of sneakers? Carding wool the hard way.

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This is also MY yarn.

“…if you are ever in a really dark place in your life, you can knit your way out of it, though it may take you months and several kilometres of yarn.” Sweaters for drones. Mini-stockings to knit for next Christmas. … Continue reading

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This IS my yarn.

Another stretchy bind-off. Crocheted Christmas trees! Starbucks travel tumbler upgraded. (The Starbucks website does not appear to have a plain tumbler for this use; maybe you have to take one of their acrylic tumblers apart. They DO have some knitwear-patterned … Continue reading

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This could be my yarn.

Yarn-y decoration. Knitted… chairs?

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