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Fractally linking.

Reblog to save a thigh. This could be fun. Automation. Oh, those microwaves. How to deal with an infestation of kittens. Norway FTW!

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Friendly links.

Bats make good bookkeepers. Who knew? Our dogs when Smokey opens the treat can. Pure gold. Updated candy slogans. Dictator chic. via Humans are adorable. Emperor Trumpatine. So true.

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Links on a Saturday.

Quoth the Raven… Dog in the wood. Lion in camp. Hair removal. via Robin Hood restaurant in Madrid. How did I not know about sashiko mending? Christmas Day, 1912, in northern MN. Problem solved. “A giant sack of assholes.”

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Locking the links.

A visit to the zoo. The man who stopped thousands of people from becoming HIV-positive. Opinions on climate change. Homemade vegetable stock powder. Shopping in Ikea: an existential experience.

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Linking through modern electronics.

A nifty way to slice vegies. Gotta try it. Oh, dear. Another from them. Glacial calving: 2001. 2012. The deepwater channel that fuels the calving. It‘s a big sucker. And it flexes. Altogether, the glacier has the potential to raise global sea levels … Continue reading

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Nervy links.

Happily, cabin fever in Wisconsin and Minnesota, while it certainly exists, is not quite this bad. via * * * * * “Law enforcement agencies in the United States consider anti-government violent extremists, not radicalized Muslims, to be the … Continue reading

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Rusty links.

Imperfections. Need some white noise to help you fall asleep? I want to try this. * * * * * I guess this political stuff will continue. “Any White House has a very large megaphone, and officials must be careful … Continue reading

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Spiky links.

“…we must now distinguish resolutely between the sickening and the terrifying.” via Germany talks to Trump. Wendy’s gets savage. They even marched in Antarctica. I find this terrifying.

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We are all linked together in this.

Caption really should be, “Here,  hold my beer.” This bears re-sharing. via Klzyn. Atheist morality. Vaccinate your damn kids. Hot chocolate float. Just in case you want to call your representative…  

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You and I, we are linked.

GPS trail doodles. 8-yo superhero RBG. How wind turbine blades get to their destinations, no matter where. It’s a gift.

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