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Rusted busted links.

Bamboo. Shooting back. “…if you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu…” via martinimadecom For those of you who ride public transit. Macron rocks! Perhaps the only good use for vaping. Best video ever. Lots of links from Chris.

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Chain me up and link me together.

Appropriate response. “First, pick a lot of [basil] leaves and whizz them into a paste with oil and garlic. Spread this on a piece of toast. Stand in the garden eating this menacingly. This will get the basil’s attention and … Continue reading

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Floating links.

Just in case someone needs this. Links from Chris. And more. Trigger warnings, illustrated (in text, not diagrams). The opposite of hopelessness, as expressed through felines. Introvert nation. The best cat tweets of 2016. Equal time for dogs. “So roses are … Continue reading

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Locking links.

Testing everyday advice for depression.

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Gendered links.

Swimming through wood. Don’t feel flattered. Practical fashion. Runway fight! I will be just slightly offended by a flamboyant guy with a rattail. The Avengers Initiative. Dog walker. What did they do with the f—g puffins? Think before you pink. … Continue reading

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Unknown links.

The internet would be really boring without Russian dashcams. Sadly, true. “…unlike a typical house cat that can get stuck up in a tree, the clouded leopard can rotate its paws to climb down head first.“ Strange visitors. “…no-calorie Coke … Continue reading

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Colorful links.

What’s wrong with the world today. Photos of the week May 27 to June 2. Minnesotans. via Some excellent short reads, where short = +/-1000 words.

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Rusty ol’ links.

The biggest employer in most of Trump country is Walmart. (Coincidence?) The freeway blogger. Rays. The scientific explanation of how and why men and women take their tee shirts off differently. Humans are adorable. The best refutation of Ben Carson’s … Continue reading

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Red-hot links.

Smokey was introduced to these in the hospital. Just in case you needed instructions… Failing to meet expectations. The cat has a point. Abortions are safer than having your wisdom teeth pulled. Responsible restaurant service. The world map of literature. … Continue reading

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Another Saturday link!

Remember Rachel Herron of Yarn-a-Go-Go and author fame? This is her sister, Bethany. Support her! (check out the rewards: “Thank you even better, by improving the level of supplies for backer rewards (Noro, instead of Red Heart)”)

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