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More nervy links.

The hammered dulcimer makes beautiful music. I did a double-take. Everybody likes bubbles. On sending children back to school. via The Waffle House index. ditto An economic argument for later school start times for teenagers. Memories of 9/11. Links … Continue reading

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Dandelion fluff in your eye (or a nerve network. Take your pick.)

White House moron.

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Okay, I do have a few Saturday links.

Bookstore to get lost in. “When you have hiked nine miles…” Employee shaming. Crafting explained. “I love you, Eloise.” Every book in the History of Literature summed up in a single sentence  But why are the shadows blue? The Aisle of … Continue reading

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Even the best links get rusty and moss-covered.

This is fabulous. (If you are watching at work, know that this is fun on mute but definitely better with the sound track.) via So is this. (ditto) ditto This. ditto (She had some really good links last weekend.) … Continue reading

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Watery links.

Lightning strikes a river. Creative use for a glowstick. What is your opposite job? “The basic problem is that most families used to receive something approaching their fair share of economic growth, and they don’t anymore.” This makes me happy, … Continue reading

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Shiny links!

Those crazy Finns. (If that link doesn’t work, try this one.) Why you never wear green on TV. Thanks, gayle! Don’t mess with little old ladies. Yeah, maybe don’t use this app. Good advice. Back-to-school essentials. Street art. Murder vs. … Continue reading

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I am running out of link photos so I am recycling the original one. Please excuse the repetition.

Jenny made me snort. Repeatedly. Scientists are crap at naming things. Cereal sauce. Do you wear contact lenses? Mini omelettes look yummy. Dentist visit from hell. What to say instead of “You’re a fighter.” Trypophobia. “…ocean-eyed slut man…” Read the … Continue reading

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Rusted busted links.

Bamboo. Shooting back. “…if you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu…” via martinimadecom For those of you who ride public transit. Macron rocks! Perhaps the only good use for vaping. Best video ever. Lots of links from Chris.

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Chain me up and link me together.

Appropriate response. “First, pick a lot of [basil] leaves and whizz them into a paste with oil and garlic. Spread this on a piece of toast. Stand in the garden eating this menacingly. This will get the basil’s attention and … Continue reading

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Floating links.

Just in case someone needs this. Links from Chris. And more. Trigger warnings, illustrated (in text, not diagrams). The opposite of hopelessness, as expressed through felines. Introvert nation. The best cat tweets of 2016. Equal time for dogs. “So roses are … Continue reading

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