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Another Saturday link!

Remember Rachel Herron of Yarn-a-Go-Go and author fame? This is her sister, Bethany. Support her! (check out the rewards: “Thank you even better, by improving the level of supplies for backer rewards (Noro, instead of Red Heart)”)

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Tree-hugger links.

Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, or Microsoft? “I didn’t vaccinate my kids and the one who lived turned out fine.” Okay, who exactly decided that the world needed this.

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Linking in a colorful way.

This may be why racism persists in spite of all our efforts. The sandwich alignment chart. My new favorite newspaper: The Rochdale Herald.

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Linking wirelessly.

If you thought cherry trees only grew in straight lines around manicured ponds… Heartbreaking. Heartwarming. Street patterns. Scary. That explains it. Eggs for breakfast for an entire week.

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Linky, linky; whose got the linky?

Storytelling. A pair of shoes I do not need. This may be good news for our daughters and granddaughters. Palm tree. Even Muybridge couldn’t control the cat. Slow fashion explained. Room service challenge.

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Chainin’ and linkin’, linkin’ and chainin’.

The first protest in space. People in period clothing doing modern stuff. Read the whole story. Equality vs. equity: removing systemic barriers. “Before about 1980, almost no evangelical leader would have said abortion was murder. It was only the advancement of … Continue reading

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Yellow is the color of daffodils. And links.

198 methods of non-violent action. Our mail carrier in Minneapolis used to carry dog treats. An educational and medically accurate portrayal of one of life’s greatest miracles. How to survive the next global pandemic. US regionalism explained. Unionism works. Put … Continue reading

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Chain. Link. Nut. Washer. Bolt.

The Millennial Falcon. They. Perhaps the most awesome marriage proposal of all time. Easter is coming: how to eat Peeps. Flying ostrich. As we all grow older and our memories find it difficult to remember a word, this site could be … Continue reading

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This may be my last chance to use this photo until next winter (I hope). BROKEN LINKS NOW FIXED.

BROKEN LINKS NOW FIXED. Free range haircuts. It has a swimming pool, a four-hole golf course, and two jacuzzis. Garfield as you never imagined. This bill proposing Medicare for all has been sitting with the Subcommittee on Indian, Insular and … Continue reading

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Fractally linking.

Reblog to save a thigh. This could be fun. Automation. Oh, those microwaves. How to deal with an infestation of kittens. Norway FTW!

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