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Nervy links.

Happily, cabin fever in Wisconsin and Minnesota, while it certainly exists, is not quite this bad. via * * * * * “Law enforcement agencies in the United States consider anti-government violent extremists, not radicalized Muslims, to be the … Continue reading

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Rusty links.

Imperfections. Need some white noise to help you fall asleep? I want to try this. * * * * * I guess this political stuff will continue. “Any White House has a very large megaphone, and officials must be careful … Continue reading

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Spiky links.

“…we must now distinguish resolutely between the sickening and the terrifying.” via Germany talks to Trump. Wendy’s gets savage. They even marched in Antarctica. I find this terrifying.

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We are all linked together in this.

Caption really should be, “Here, ¬†hold my beer.” This bears re-sharing. via Klzyn. Atheist morality. Vaccinate your damn kids. Hot chocolate float. Just in case you want to call your representative…  

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You and I, we are linked.

GPS trail doodles. 8-yo superhero RBG. How wind turbine blades get to their destinations, no matter where. It’s a gift.

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Double your linkiness.

Sorry, no links this week. Get all your link needs filled at Stumbling Over Chaos.

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Fractal links.

“…she fund raises for planned parenthood and supports gay marriage so yeah this woman can budget, plan nuclear policy, and cook a mean meal…” Merry belated Christmas. Links from Chris. Top ten cat-endorsed cat toys. Trump Christmas Carol.

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Red links in the morning, sailors take warning.

I think I snorted tea up my nose while reading this. Tater tot hot dish. Have you seen Patti Smith accept Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize? Save a vag. A year to fear. Related. Chris is linking again after a long … Continue reading

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Happy festive links!

Are you kidding me? Efficient Rendering of Heterogeneous Poly-Disperse Granular Media. Oh, dear. Related. Women have been badass for a long time. The Unipiper. Best can’t-make-it-to-class excuse EVAH. Walk of Shame Snow Woman. Travel advice from a very experienced traveler. … Continue reading

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Bolting the chain.

Scar stories. Little Drummer Boy Challenge! Humans are weird. Attention, English teachers: here is a useful teaching aid. Rich people’s showers…reimagined. Perfect for jazz hands! Important. Mountain lion in Kansas? Wait… Road trip! Buster the Boxer. Meet the new head … Continue reading

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