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Curtaining the links.

Another proposed contributor underlying the decrease in the crime rate since 1990. When you are tired of being a mom… Things she learned in the knitting circle. Cute spider. Welcome to Hell. Who knew contouring could be so hilarious! thanks, … Continue reading

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Neural networks link us all.

“For the vast majority of jobs, work as we know it will come steadily to an end between about 2025 and 2060.” Giving a DNA sample to a restaurant: what could possibly go wrong? Need some incentive to exercise? For … Continue reading

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Layin’ down the links.

Detroit love. Dissent pins. Body clocks. Their sense of humor did not die with them. I have been wanting to post this for a while. ADHD in girls, explained.¬†Depression, explained. Water slide Ferris wheel. Kill them before they kill you. … Continue reading

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Networking the links.

Sing Sing reviews. Where to find the good life in the US: state and city. Give that dog a purple heart! A crowd of 65,000 sings “Bohemian Rhapsody“perfectly while waiting for a Green Day concert. No.Just.No. Neil Gaiman on love … Continue reading

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Sprocketing the links.

Wild turkey behavior explained. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. Witchcraft! Iceland FTW! Even as I donate excess tote bags to Goodwill, I ordered one of these. How do you carry your keys? David Bowie … Continue reading

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Autumn links.

Autumn quotes. Floaty friend cabbages, aka buoyant cabbages of love. The new health care plan! Truth. This 15-yo girl is my hero. My words, among others, are supercomputer, pinwale, doublethink, and cerveza¬† (and Cobb salad). How to have a happy … Continue reading

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Traffic links us all.

Things to brighten your day. Word. A year of Momo’s face. Millenials. The tag line is worth a million bucks. How long until this is an Olympic sport? WTF, Zeus? Hear me roar. via

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A bridge is a link.

The very best response to tRUMP’s offensive inanities about taking the knee. Probably true. Oh, yeah, it’s that time of year again. Make smart choices. The good timeline. IPhone users need to see this. Literary brooches. Know your flag etiquette. … Continue reading

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Linking rust and moss.

Disruption is not created equally. “People talk about the US as a Christian nation, but a better description would be a white Protestant nation that often made life uncomfortable for other groups.” And now for something pleasant: winning astronomy photographs. … Continue reading

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More nervy links.

The hammered dulcimer makes beautiful music. I did a double-take. Everybody likes bubbles. On sending children back to school. via The Waffle House index. ditto An economic argument for later school start times for teenagers. Memories of 9/11. Links … Continue reading

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