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Let’s do some bullets.

Younger Son was scheduled to be on a two-week business trip to Italy over Thanksgiving, so we decided to go to Sioux Falls to see Elder Son for the holiday. YS’s trip was postponed, so he went with us. Fun … Continue reading

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The Milady report, week 3.

We have discovered a few new things about Milady. She is an dancer (1). When one or both of us come home, she stands at the top of the entryway stairs and dances because she is so excited to see us. … Continue reading

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A bit more about Milady.


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Milady joins the pack.

Sweet Lucy took her last trip to the vet on May 25. On June 4, we drove to Brooklyn Park, MN to Midwest Animal Rescue Services to meet Nellie. The king is dead, long live the king. When we got … Continue reading

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What I did on my (first couple weeks of) summer [vacation*].

* Being retired, I do not have a summer vacation per se. Let’s do bullets, m’kay? Helped throw together a Russ Feingold event on the Memorial Day weekend. We got only about a week’s notice from the Feingold campaign, so I … Continue reading

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