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Bombing in progress on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis.


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Sunday and a DST rant.

Partner :: spouse. Villain :: bad guy. Signature :: Needles. Duh. Homespun :: yarn. x2. Ultimate :: quest. Don’t! :: do it! Musical :: comedy. Candor :: Voltaire. Oh, wait. That's Candide, right? Terrified :: of rats. Virus :: computer. … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday!

Poison :: ivy. Las Vegas :: stars. Nanny :: -cam. Tablet :: computer. Trail :: Oregon. Innocent :: trail of the. Invited :: uninvited. Life :: torment. Tormented :: sad. Lousy :: lice. * * * * * The red … Continue reading

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Fun with Ser Percy.

Percy thinks he is a lap dog.   Ser Percy gets ready for Halloween. Let's take a closer look at those glam paws, shall we?

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It’s Sunday!

Mutterings. Untraceable :: Witness Protection Program. Senator :: Humphrey. Humongous :: gigunda. Drinks :: Mai tais. Ringing :: in the ears. Overloaded :: potato. Annoyed :: buzzing. Blondie :: Sunday funnies. Suits :: FBI. Deadly :: serious. * * * … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday.

Mutterings. Latch :: door. Standard :: grade. 60 :: percent Maple :: syrup. Final :: exam. Bickering :: The Bickersons. Diner :: eggs. Nasty :: smell. Ohhh! :: Uh oh! Leeches :: bait. Why, yes, I did grow up in … Continue reading

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Sunday random (as usual).

First, the weekly mutterings. Weird :: Al (Jankovich). Balance :: ballet. Personal :: best. Reproduction :: copying. Distraction :: ADD. Articulate :: artichoke. Shovel :: grave. Column :: numbers. Hey, I am an accountant, remember? Drastic :: action. Bombastic :: … Continue reading

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If it’s Sunday, this must be random.

Wine :: mmm-more. Hand :: in glove. Bottle :: rocket. Soda :: chocolate. List :: tipping. Thimble :: thumb. Sample :: swatch. Cloth :: fabric. Correspond :: -ent. Taste :: of Minnesota. Our nasty heat wave broke on Friday. It's … Continue reading

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. . . . . . . . We took care of our grandson* #2 Son's and BGFE's dog for a week while they are in Louisiana for her grandparents' fiftieth wedding anniversary. Ser Percival The Energetic has been entertaining, to … Continue reading

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When the going gets tough cold, the tough cold… is everywhere.

I woke up this morning to… this. Not only did it snow last night, but it is cold and very windy out there.  Crap. Summer/autumn = gone. Winter = now. (Of course, it is mid-November in n.w. Wisconsin, so what … Continue reading

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