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Whatever could this be?

To be continued… Advertisements

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Well, that didn’t take long.

…and I say, Why not?

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Question(s) for you.

In the tradition of La Harlot, I am asking The Blog for advice. (This is also known as consulting the Hive Mind. You can decide for yourself whether you part of The Blog or the Hive Mind.) Younger Son, the … Continue reading

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Finally on a Friday.

Let’s do bullet points, m’kay? My computer that died two weeks ago came back to life. Sort of. Last Sunday it was turned on — don’t ask me why it was on, cuz I have no idea — but the … Continue reading

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So sad.

photo credit: Time for a nap via photopin (license) My computer died Sunday morning. Well, most of the computer is probably still fine. Certainly the keyboard and mouse and monitor and speakers and external hard drive are working as well … Continue reading

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FO Friday.

Two pairs of socks that had been OTN for months (and months!) finally got finished last weekend. Both are made from Plymouth Yarn Socketta, colors 618 (left) and 5618 (right). I decided I was tired of plain vanilla socks when I … Continue reading

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A cautionary Thursday.

This is what happens when the cleaning lady puts a bag of trash in the can 2 days before the garbage truck comes. I left home @9:45 am the next day; this is what I found when I came home @ … Continue reading

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Hello, all!

I am speaking to you from my used-but-new-to-me computer! Old Mac Mini Circa September 2008; purchased new 1.8Gb processor 4 Gb RAM ? Gb hard drive (it filled up nearly 2 years ago; I have been using an external HD … Continue reading

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I have a new app on my phone.

This is how far it is from my bed to the bathroom.

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Commenting problem.

photo credit: Sad Eliza Too via photopin (license) Several of you have emailed me to say that the capcha is not working correctly and is blocking your comments. I have started a *ticket* at Typepad asking them to fix it. … Continue reading

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