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Bits and bobs.

It was surprising to me how many readers have family stories that involve a stuffed animal. Ninlouise’s story made me LOL. I guess those fluffy little critters are really important to us. * * * * * I have kinda … Continue reading

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Randominity and navel-gazing.

I have noticed that any number of [non-fiction] books have a premise that would be perfect for a long article or a pamplet*, but which do not warrant an entire book. Not that that stops the pundits and analysts and … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday.

Here we have the linen stitch scarf as it existed on Monday afternoon. You may be surprised at how little it has grown since last you gazed upon it. This is because I frogged the @#^#$% thing and started over. … Continue reading

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On any given Sunday.

dead :: ringer bangs :: hair future :: imperfect holistic :: medicine circumstance :: beyond our control past :: future fan :: girl happened :: one night room :: -ful awful :: -ness * * * * * Last week … Continue reading

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But first, as usual, the mutterings. Spirits :: high. Admit :: ticket. Gift :: bag. Barry :: my half-brother. Dredge :: river. Pajamas :: bottoms. Cheating :: tests. Information :: overload. Ivory :: ebony. Past :: memories. * * * … Continue reading

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Muttering and stuff on a summer Sunday.

Maintenance :: high. Tight:: tights. Disillusion :: -ment. Horizon :: Lost. In :: & Out Burger. Humor :: Mad magazine. Purchase :: burger. Delectable :: luscious. Stumble :: Upon. Words :: are for dreaming. No, I have no idea what … Continue reading

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Socks, bullet-proof.

Photo taken with iPad, hence, the poor quality. I finished these Sunday night whilst watching Wallander*. Better photos in daylight.   Yarn: Country Classics Yarn for SoxPattern:  my usual, Wendy's Generic Toe-Up Socks, here worked over 48 st. Feet are a … Continue reading

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Life is random, why not me?

Baked :: Alaska. Excited :: to go. Print :: out of, Obstruct :: -ionist. Bladder :: full. Matrimony :: wedding. Car :: many. Reconstruct :: Civil War. Lenses :: contact. Best for last :: save it. * * * * … Continue reading

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Random thoughts on a Wednesday.

In the interest of full disclosure: I am writing this on Tuesday night. * * * * * I may not like the character of Lady Mary Crawley — she is shallow, arrogant, and self-centered — but if I were … Continue reading

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Ten on Tuesday, the childhood TV edition.

Ten Favorite TV Shows From My Childhood. Robin Hood. I am quite sure I am the only one old enough to have this on my list. Crusader Rabbit. Ditto. The Howdy Doody Show. Ditto. Buffalo Bob, Clarabelle The Clown, Princess Summerfallwinterspring, … Continue reading

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