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It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day! (and kitten update)

The kittens have been with us seven days. So far, they have: Been confined to the bathroom for two days, then… Been released into the wide world of our bedroom. Almost immediately discovered the joy of Sticking One’s Paw Under … Continue reading

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Say hello to the kitties: a contest!

The kittens are currently confined to the bathroom for a couple days until I feel like they have bonded properly (and have the location of the litter box firmly embedded into their teeny-tiny brains). Then their world will expand to … Continue reading

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Monday Q&A on a Tuesday.

*Do you remember a bad sunburn? Yes, but only very vaguely. Probably happened in the Florida Keys back in the late 1970s or early ’80s. *What is the last game you played?  (card game or board game) I seem to … Continue reading

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Rusted busted links.

Bamboo. Shooting back. “…if you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu…” via martinimadecom For those of you who ride public transit. Macron rocks! Perhaps the only good use for vaping. Best video ever. Lots of links from Chris.

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Stuff in bullet form.

We are making an unscheduled road trip to Sioux Falls to deliver my 1998 Volvo to Elder Son and GF. This should make his move more pleasant. 2 adults + 12-yo girl + 120-pound dog + cat + luggage in … Continue reading

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Unraveled Wednesday #5.

I haven’t frogged an entire project for a few months, but that doesn’t mean there has not been frogging. The patchwork afghan grows steadily, but even simple garter stitch defeats me occasionally. As EZ pointed out long ago, ripping out … Continue reading

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Graduation #6*.

Elder Son graduated from his family medicine residency last weekend on Smokey’s birthday. Younger Son went with us to Sioux Falls to observe and celebrate. That evening we went to a Brazilian steakhouse for the traditional celebratory dinner. Neither Smokey … Continue reading

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Knit small in the summer.

Dogshaming Yarnshaming. Oh, my goodness, a new use for the Möbius. Got socks? Is there anything sweeter than a baby sweater? Jeweled Dragon. Svetlana Gordon, designer. Any rockhounds out there? Um, no. Anybody need a yarn bowl?

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Misha alerts!

As I was making breakfast in the kitchen this morning, Misha The Formerly Very Shy Dog shot out of the bedroom and raced to the front door, barking her fool head off, as she is wont to do. Of course, … Continue reading

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Monday bonus!

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