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Things that make me say, Hmm…

I follow several Tumblr blogs that are written by, I surmise, twenty-somethings. Their overriding emotional tenor seems to be one of despair: life is too hard, they have no money, it’s too hard, their job sucks, life is awful, etc., etc., etc. … Continue reading

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Things that make me go, “Hmmm.” Alternatively, “WTF?”

Who knew sexing chicks could be such a worthwhile topic of discussion? * * * * * Smokey recently bought some heirloom navel oranges. omg, the flavor! Plus, the pulp is insignificant. Apparently, when breeders concentrated on making oranges easier to … Continue reading

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Yarn, yarn everywhere.

She calls it Beeswax Scarf, but I call it Tumbling Dice. The Marley Blanket, a stashbuster to end all stashbusters.

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More knitting.

For the past couple years I have knitted something to contribute to an annual silent auction in May. 2015:   2016:   2017: Since this fundraiser is supports progressive causes, I think I will knit a couple pussyhats, too.

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Hi ho, hi ho! It’s off to the [frog] pond we go…

It was almost three years ago when I started the Fairfield sweater. I knit the back to the armholes, then started the sleeves, knitting them both at the same time in an effort to ensure that they would be the … Continue reading

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Yarnbombing WIP.

Things never to say to a yarn shop owner. Okay, every one of us needs this. So true. This makes me giggle. And this is magnificent. Moth-themed yarn. A stash, explained. Bah, bah, blackpug. If only we could knit this … Continue reading

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Squarely knitting.

Wouldn’t this be fun to knit and wear? Knit and purl depicted in knitting. This one is for you, Mayhem! Have I already posted this? Never mind, it’s worth a second look. What a clever sleeve! Knitting math. We did … Continue reading

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Linking through modern electronics.

A nifty way to slice vegies. Gotta try it. Oh, dear. Another from them. Glacial calving: 2001. 2012. The deepwater channel that fuels the calving. It‘s a big sucker. And it flexes. Altogether, the glacier has the potential to raise global sea levels … Continue reading

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Trivia FTW!

Another local trivia night, this time a fundraiser for a local charity, was held a couple weeks ago. I got myself and a couple friends on a team, and we won! Go, team! The contest was a lot of fun, … Continue reading

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Knitting cotton.

Knitting hot tips for knitters like me who use circs for everything. All of the tips. Are you part of the #yarnlovechallenge on Instagram? lv2knit, this one’s for you! Milliners to the Resistance!

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