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Trivia FTW!

Another local trivia night, this time a fundraiser for a local charity, was held a couple weeks ago. I got myself and a couple friends on a team, and we won! Go, team! The contest was a lot of fun, … Continue reading

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Knitting cotton.

Knitting hot tips for knitters like me who use circs for everything. All of the tips. Are you part of the #yarnlovechallenge on Instagram? lv2knit, this one’s for you! Milliners to the Resistance!

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We are all over the media this week!

I’m sure many of you have seen Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer skit on last night’s Saturday Night Live. As good as it was — and it was FABULOUS!!! — I actually clapped at 5:00 when she said Moose-lims and pulled … Continue reading

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Optimizing the links.

It may be a good time to get old. Maybe it’s a burning question in Norway. Tiger jump! The Spotify campaign in London is great. Oh, crap, is this what we did to our children? Linkety from Chris. Okay, new … Continue reading

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FO Friday.

If these look familiar, it is because I made another pair exactly the same for a friend last month. What can I say? That yarn was perfect for both recipients. The only problem with these was that I grabbed the … Continue reading

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FO Friday Thursday.

A few weeks ago I had to attend a meeting in a city 200 miles away. Not wanting to have to rise at oh-dark-thirty to get there by the 10:00 start time, I made the drive the previous day and left early enough … Continue reading

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A bridge to crafting freedom.

For the introverted activists among us. Pussyhats. Afghan Maddie. An old knitting proverb. Be the grandma you want to see. Bunnies are adorable. Resistance is NOT futile. NaKniCroMo! Ahem.

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Knitter up! And, no good deed goes unpunished.

I am pleased to report that time and [nearly] a week of not knitting has largely cleared up my thumb joint issue. Can I get a big HURRAH! Although I had declared myself to be a non-knitter for a week, … Continue reading

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You and I, we are linked.

GPS trail doodles. 8-yo superhero RBG. How wind turbine blades get to their destinations, no matter where. It’s a gift.

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FO Friday: dishcloths FTW!

Last summer I got tired of stinky dishcloths. They get nasty so quickly, even in an air-conditioned house. So I broke out the Sugar ‘n’ Creme to replenish my stock. Sometimes, nothing will do but to knit a warshcloth…

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