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This is just wrong.

  Not to mention creepy af.

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Okay, this is just too cool.

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Just in case you need something cute…

found here

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Hungarian Dance #5, Johannes Brahms.

Cleaning my inbox. This link was provided by gayle, many many moons ago.  Her comment: For some reason, I can picture Smokey building one of these in the garage.  I know he likes music…

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More video!

  Several years ago Elder Son and I were filling the cat feeders, which had been empty for a couple days (bad cat mom!), when I gave En Esch this catnip toy. He and his brother, just off camera to the … Continue reading

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Don’t remember why I was unwinding this lovely cake of Jitterbug, but isn’t it fun to watch? That was so much fun — let’s watch some more!

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Just in time for Halloween.

It is clear to me that the owner talks to her porcupine a lot, and it has picked up on the melody and rhythm of her speech patterns. We tend to talk to our cats, and they have done the … Continue reading

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Kinda mesmerizing.

//   * * * * * Not so mesmerizing — in fact, about as interesting as listening to someone read their grocery list — but still. I haven't done the muttering thing for a while. Drive thru :: restaurant. … Continue reading

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Sunday mornin’ comin’ down.

Disclaimer: I am not hungover and have not suffered one of those in years and years. But the title of this post popped into my head, and how could I NOT have Johnny singing the original? Onward. When I started … Continue reading

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It was 20 40 years ago today!

(Listen to it twice. PRESTO! 40 years.)   So we celebrated. I got out our wedding album, and we and Younger Son looked at the pictures of the day. Then we listened to Billy Idol singing White Wedding while we ate our … Continue reading

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