I got a package!



It’s a Magic Yarn Ball!


The winding/unwinding begins.


I soon discovered that corralling the ball made caking much easier.


The first prize to be unwrapped: Sephora lip mask (who knew?)



Next, hibiscus tea; also, washi tape, a double-ended crochet hook (two differently sized ends), and a stitch marker. 


Another stitch marker. (Never enough stitch markers.)


And another. (Ditto.)


My favorite kind of cable needle!


What is this?


A smiling holder with three of the prettiest stitch markers I have ever laid eyes on.


The haul. Those two little pink things at the back are the handles of a teeny-tiny pair of scissors.


Finished! This single-ply, worsted-weight silk is from Darn Good Yarns. Whee!

Thank you, Kim! This was delightful! (I won her first Countdown to Contests contest. She is counting down to the Knitters’ Hunk and Knitters’ Chick contest. Go look at her blog. Enter the KH and KC contests. Kim gives great prize.)

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Colorful links.

links colorful

What’s wrong with the world today.

Photos of the week May 27 to June 2.

Minnesotans. via stumblingoverchaos.tumblr.com

Some excellent short reads, where short = +/-1000 words.

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I bet you wish you had one, too.


Created mine at Cafe Press.


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Unraveled Wednesday #2.

(Damn. This is the second third time I have had to write this post. WordPress keeps losing it even though I saved it multiple times! That used to happen all the time to people on TypePad, but this is the first time I have experienced it with WP. Damn.)

me b4 uI recently finished this story of a young woman, desperate for employment, who takes a job to care for a paraplegic man. Of course, they end up falling in love, but even so, I (officially a senior citizen) found this story of a 20-something (trying to figure out her life) engaging. That plot typically leaves me cold.

As I was googling to find a photo of the cover I discovered that the book had been made into a mediocre movie last year and that there is a sequel book, After You. Given the mixed reviews I have found about my book, I am a bit hesitant to recommend it. But I liked it. So there is that.

Currently I am halfway though the first book of the Glasgow Trilogy, which (so far) is about a hit man setting up a kill. Intriguing; no judgement yet.

* * * * *

Remember those three projects I packed to take to the conference with me last weekend? The night before, I decided I should start one just to be sure it was properly mindless and therefore suitable for car and meeting knitting. The Talmadge Cloche turned out to be not that kind of project; I couldn’t even get the pinhole cast on going, although that was probably because I kept getting interrupted. Instead, I cast on the Madison scarf and immediately decided that was The One. The other two projects went back on the shelf for another time, and the scarf was OTN for the duration.


Also on the knitting front, I have been making what I, in my own perverse way, refer to as dead baby buntings, mainly because that reminds me of all those horrible and horrific (but funny) dead baby jokes we all told in middle school.

Backstory: the daughter of a good friend is a prenatal nurse in North Carolina, where she has IMG_0495 observed first-hand the appallingly high infant death rate. Daughter asked mom if she and her fellow knitters here would make these little buntings for the infants’ burials. As a project, the buntings are quick and easy. Easy because they are just garter stitch with a couple rows of K2tog YO (Full disclosure: I did a third repeat of the K2tog YO on the one in the photo by mistake) and quick because they are tiny. They are too small for any cat I have ever owned, let alone a normal-sized baby. So far I have made six, and I have a couple-few more planned. My friend will line them with flannel and thread ribbon ties through the YO holes, then send them on to her daughter.

If any of you have some acrylic in baby-suitable colors languishing in your stash, let me know and I will connect you the pattern and recipient.

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Spring, er, summer!

The dogs had their annual trip to the vet for their heartworm tests and any needed vaccinations.


Misha was very brave.


Milady, not so much.


Misha shared an uninflated wood tick with us, plus we picked an inflated deer tick off her eyelid. (Smokey is holding it between his thumb and middle finger in the first photo.)

Both dogs are healthy (yay!) but overweight (boo, hiss!) Misha, a coupla pounds; Milady, a lot.

We need more and longer daily walks! say the dogs.

Soon! says Smokey, whose knees are getting better by the day.

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Once again, here it is Thursday and I haven’t even started next Monday’s knitting links post.



I love that the yarn in her sweater coordinates with her tattoos.

Totally fun socks.

I do not care to knit toys, but maybe you do: chicken!

Perfect for WI and MN.

Guerrilla kindness meets guerrilla art.

Civics @ the yarn shop.

“I’m helping!”

Speaking of cats

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Rusty ol’ links.

Rusty chain w green nylon rope.jpg

The biggest employer in most of Trump country is Walmart. (Coincidence?)

The freeway blogger.


The scientific explanation of how and why men and women take their tee shirts off differently.

Humans are adorable.

The best refutation of Ben Carson’s “poverty is a state of mind.”

“Our love has no religion.”

The dog robot: it loads the dishwasher, ducks under the table, and slips on a banana peel.

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You would do the same. You know you would.

I am leaving tomorrow for a two-day conference that is a 5-hour car ride away.

I am taking three (3) knitting projects.

What? You wouldn’t take that many? Don’t be silly; of course you would.

I’ve got the yarn all ready with the required needles (and an alternate size needle, just in case).

I’ve got the patterns all printed out, along with the extra tutorials that a couple of them need. (I also have all that downloaded onto my iPad and my phone, just in case.)


Here’s the line-up.

First, we have the Madison scarf, a free pattern on Ravelry. I will make it from this yarn, Schachenmayr Select Tahiti in the romantically named colorway 07616.


Then there is the Strandwanderer scarf, to be made from a skein of Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Pure 100% Merino in Sultan. I mean, what else could I possibly make from that skein?

Last, we have the Talmadge cloche, Mason Dixon Knitting’s June project in their Year of Techniques, to be knit in Dream in Color’s Everlasting in the Passion colorway.



I am all set!

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Knitting as viewed against the light.


I was playing around with my camera and the knitting I had with me in the car one day. This photo was the result.

Why we knit.



Try knitting.

The Icelandic bind-off.

If only

Knitwear goats gonna f*** you up.

Organized yarn.

That’s the spirit!

Part 2 of the lopapeysa thesis.

Ten common knitting mistakes.

The Loch Ness Knit Fest.

Ocean waves?

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Red-hot links.

red hot links.jpg

Smokey was introduced to these in the hospital.

Just in case you needed instructions

Failing to meet expectations.

The cat has a point.

Abortions are safer than having your wisdom teeth pulled.

Responsible restaurant service.

The world map of literature.

All museums should do this.

Women rule!

Peace out.

Motivation is fickle.

Here’s why I like Leverage.

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